Cream Whipper Dessert

iSi Cream Whippers, Soda Syphons and Chargers

Dishwasher Safe iSi Cream Whippers

For cold and warm preparations. Optimized valve fixed in the lid for precise dispensing, even for small servings. Heat insulating, non-slip lever with drip-stop. Durable metal charger holder in chrome design. The iSi Cream Whipper has three dispensing nozzles with metal threads for innovative gourmet recipes. The cream whipper is also a closed and sealed system - fit for HACCP.

For preparation of luscious whipped cream - at the push of a button! Button for easy handling and ultra-fine dispensing, combined cover flap and nozzle. Fast, hygienic cleaning after each use - simply pull off the nozzle.

Original Chargers, Bulbs with traceability codeCream chargers are classed as a food additive. iSi comply with all regulations on traceability etc.
Buy only chargers with traceability code.